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Hey, my name is Macy Devereaux and to basically sum me up - 

I love making pretty things and making things pretty!

You can always find me trying to make SOMETHING look better which is an important side of marketing. 

I was born and raised here in Stillwater and live just outside of town with my husband and some cows. In 2016, I graduated from Oklahoma State with a bachelors degree in Strategic Communication.

I've always loved creating and I've always been interested in the growing process of businesses. In college, I was able to learn how to use my creativity to promote and enhance businesses. After more than three years of helping my dad with his multiple businesses, I was ready to branch out and start working with other companies.

Which brings us to today - This is my passion!

I get so excited seeing growth and development and it motivates me to do more. If I don't have something listed that you're interested in, just ask! I am willing to try any task you might have. That being said, thank you for your interest in what I do and I look forward to helping you show off your business!


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